On Febuary 9th i will start classes on this site. The classes will be on Wicca/Paganism and other Pagan based religions. However these classes are not about becoming a Wiccan/Pagan, the classes are only meant to teach of the Pagan religions. All the information on these classes will be given from books and wise Pagans i have spoken to, so do not worry, none of the information will be false. We will go over multiple things such as  what is Pagan/Wiccan, History of Witches, Symbols, Spell, Potions, Rituals, Gods and Goddesses,and a lot more. You do not need much for the classes except a Wiki account,pencil or pen,notebook,and your attention. The classes will start at 7pm Eastern Time and end 8pm eastern time(see me for time zone issues). They will only be on Saturday unless i have to do something at that time. If you miss a class i will send you e mail of what you missed, but you are responsible for learning the material. These classes are meant to have a fun learning experience of Wicca/Paganism. Please comment below if you would like to attend the classes. I will only take 10 students at a time and 2 spots are already filled for the first class. I hope you have a blessed day and Thank you!

Erosfan222 aka Sean